Earthquake Insurance in Lodi and Stockton, CA

Protecting Lodi and Central California Against Earthquake Related Losses

In California, nearly all standard property insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. Whether personal or commercial, if you live in an area that puts you at risk for earthquake damage, the costs can be vast between rebuilding your home/building, replacing any lost personal/business property, and being displaced for a period of time. Earthquake Insurance is essential in helping you make it through those times of crisis and recovering from damages you may suffer.


A recent revision to by the United States Geological Survey shows California continues to be a high risk State for earthquakes and some areas are at greater risk than previously estimated.

At Wright Insurance Agency, we can assist you in securing Earthquake insurance for your personal or business needs. Contact a member of our team today for details.


Wright Insurance Agency provides Earthquake Insurance to Lodi, Stockton, Elk Grove, Galt, Modesto, Sacramento, and beyond.